How to Maintain Your Hair After Hair Rebonding?

Hair Rebonding

The procedure of chemically relaxing one’s natural hair texture to make it frizz-free, smoother, and straight is known as hair rebonding. Sometimes people with naturally curly or otherwise unnaturally straight hair would like to wear beautiful lengths devoid of any curls or curves. People even go for permanent hair rebonding, or chemical straightening, processes to obtain that. Rebonding disrupts the organic ties that hold your hair follicles together so that you can alter your texture and rebuild them into a different shape.

The same chemicals utilized for a perm are also employed for rebonding treatment, but it’s important to maintain the hair afterward. Rebonding for hair can be harmful and possibly cause hair loss if it is not carried out properly or properly cared for afterward. It is essential to stick to a few hairdressing recommendations made by your professional because rebonding is a chemical procedure that makes your hair sensitive after it is completed.

But don’t worry, we’re always ready to help. Here are some measures that you can take after you’re done with rebonding to save your hair.


Avoid Warm Water & Immediate Wash

Rather than using warm water to wash your hair, use cool water because hot water will dry up your hair even more. Avoid over-washing your hair, yet always wear a serum to protect it from harmful elements. After getting your hair rebonded, wait three to four days before washing or wetting it. If you don’t take this advice, all of your cash and effort will be wasted. This will help the chemicals to flow in and root effectively. Your hair will become sticky and greasy, which is a nightmare. Therefore, be sure to adhere to the instructions.

Use the Appropriate Products

Using the proper products on your chemically processed hair is essential. Use products made for straight hair or the shampoo and conditioner your hairdresser suggests for your rebonded hair. The products you used before your hair rebonding cannot be used again.

Moisturize, Your Hair Growth Depends on it

Anything that enriches and cleanses your hair, such as leaving your conditioner on for ten minutes, applying deep conditioning masks sometimes, oiling your hair, and visiting a hair stylist spa. Even if they appear smooth and straight, your strands are thin and dull, so you must do your part to nurture and hydrate your hair more than ever. The only way to nourish your hair, stop dryness and reduce hair loss is by this method.

Observe Your Fundamental Haircare Routine

Purchase a shampoo designed specially made for straight hair. Following each wash, condition your hair. After your towel has dried your hair, apply the serum. Your hair will seem glossy and frizz-free after doing this. Additionally, you can deep condition your hair by applying homemade curd, egg, or egg-based treatments once a week.

Steam Your Hair Often

Regular steaming is one of the best-rebonded hair care suggestions. You only need a damp towel. Even though the term “steaming” suggests high temperatures, you must only use warm water. Once the towel is wet, tie it around your hair and leave it there for fifteen minutes or more, relying upon your hair stylist’s recommendation.

Give Your Hair Some Rest

Don’t even consider attempting anything for a long period after chemically flattening your hair. Because your mane is already so delicate and sensitive, there must be no dyeing or other chemical treatments. Additionally, you must reduce your use of heat styling and stop curling or blow-drying your hair. Use a cold setting on your hair dryer if you have to. For at least six months, let your hair rest to let it heal.

Regularly Oil Your Hair

Your hair benefits from oils, which help preserve its health. To keep your hair strong and smooth, oil it frequently. However, it is advisable to avoid anything that can prevent your hair bonds from stabilizing for three days following the treatment.

Be Kind When Untangling

It’s essential to avoid tangles in your hair, but you must handle it with extreme gentleness. Using a wooden comb is one of the best-rebonded hair care suggestions. A wooden one won’t cause your hair to become sticky as a plastic one can. While your hair is coated with conditioner, detangle it without pulling as you may have done before straightening.

Eat Well & Trim Frequently

Maintain a balanced diet by intaking proteins or other required nutrients to keep your hair in good condition always. By doing this, you’ll be able to maintain healthy hair growth and strong hair roots for sure. Trimming is something that must be done on a regular basis following hair rebonding. This assists in protecting the hair from the issue of split ends, which spread quickly from the bottom to the top and destroy your hair. Maintaining the health of your hair through trimming is very beneficial.

Sun Protection to the Highest Level

We even don’t need to remind you how essential it is to preserve your locks SPF-protected because your already weakened hair is more delicate and susceptible to sun exposure. Put on some kind of stylish cap to keep your hair safe from the sun, purchase stuff with SPF protection, and avoid being in the sun as much as you can. Additional dryness, brittleness, and frizziness are caused by UV exposure.

Sum Up

With hair rebonding, your dream of having permanently straight hair can come true. Heat and chemicals are employed in hair rebonding to assist you to get straight hair. It has a number of negative side effects, such as broken and damaged hair.

Not all hair types may be acceptable for such treatment. So, prior to doing it, talk to your hairdresser. To get the best effects from your treatment, be sure to take additional care of your hair afterward.

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