How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

Applying Eyeliner

Although eyeliner may effortlessly elevate your entire makeup look, the application isn’t always simple. Even a skilled makeup artist needs to learn several eye makeup techniques to get the look just right. A splash of color and an emphasis on your features can be added to your face with expertly applied eye makeup.

We’ve gathered a variety of important tips for applying eyeliner perfectly for newbies. It can really enable individuals who have recently entered the world of beauty to create magic with eye makeup skills. Following these basic principles can help you advance from a beginner to a pro in no time.

To learn exactly how to do eyeliner, keep reading!


1.    Set Up the Lid

Prime your lid first, before anything else. Pigments adhere to your skin more effectively and last longer with priming. To produce a smooth and even-toned surface, apply a little eyelid primer over your lids and a tiny bit of concealer on top. Apply your eyeshadow now if you intend to include it in your look. Always add eyeshadow before the liner to prevent it from completely destroying and smudging your delicate work.

2.    Selecting a Liner

  • Pencil: A pencil liner is great for quick, realistic, or smudged appearances. Because they are used similarly to other regular pencils, simple to apply. You can blend your pencil to create smokey or dramatic eyes, or you can gently apply it for a delicate or natural effect. Unlike liquid liners, it won’t leak into your eyes. You will need to sharpen it from time to time while using a pencil liner.
  • Gel: If you wish to draw bold lines, try gel liner. The gel eyeliner is packaged in a pot with a tiny brush. With its thicker consistency, you may get dramatic features like wings and cat eyes.  It is made simple to use by the brush. Along with your liner, you can utilize additional brushes. For applying the liner, you might discover that an angled brush actually works well. Also, clean your brushes frequently to help avoid eye infections.
  • Liquid: Sweeping, smooth lines, and a precise appearance are produced by the liquid liner. Either a liquid liner is in a marker pen or a bottle with a brush available. You only draw on your lines, then fill in any voids with an additional liner by using it. With liquid liner, you may produce a variety of looks, from delicate, organic lines to dramatic ones. When it comes to liquid ones, it could take some practice to get the idea of applying eyeliner if you’re using a bottle and brush.

3.    Start With Little

The eyeliner application stage is now the challenging part. When you’re able to put it, gently squeeze your lid taut while holding it closed. Avoid pulling, as this might cause wrinkles. Put four dots of liner all along the lash line with your liner. You should take this as your guid to draw a straight line over the lid.

To ensure that your line is straight as you draw, start with a narrow line. If it seems good, you can always go back to make it even thicker. Keep in mind that while you can always use more liner, you can’t take it off without also taking off your complete eye makeup. That’s all! Simply carry out the same steps with the other eye when you have mastered the first.

4.    End With a Blast

Want to add a little flair to your eyeliner look? Why not experiment with cat eyeliner or winged eyeliner? When you’ve put your basic liner, it’s simple to add a finishing flourish to elevate the look.  Simply add a small flick to the tip of the eyeliner at the outer corner. You may make your look more dramatic by lengthening and arching your flick.

5.    Last Touch-Ups & Clean-Ups

Now that you’ve lined both of your eyes, go over it again to ensure there are no smudges. You must first check to see if your eyes are level. It’s likely that you have been focusing on each eye independently, so take a step back and view yourself in the mirror. Do your best to level them out if you notice that one side is uneven or somewhat thicker. It’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake.

Simply clean your eyelid with a damp cotton ball if your fingers slip or you draw a line that is too thick. Starting over is sometimes preferable to continually adjusting marks.


Different Ways to Do Eyeliner

It can take time and practice to draw the ideal lines. If you believe the conventional method is incorrect, try some makeup tactics. The simplest are listed below:

  • Use the sticky tape and attach it to the outside corner of your eyes’ lower lash. It’s bound to give off a precise, flawless winged eyeliner effect. The tape will go best with liquid eyeliner on a felt tip. You might even decide to omit the cotton swab step altogether.
  • Always begin at the outside corner of the eye. From there, you can create a line all along the lid and join the wing. Your hands can move more easily in this way, according to some practical experiences.
  • Draw the little dashes or dots first. You may have trouble creating continuous lines if your hands begin to shake while you’re applying eyeliner. You could choose to have little dashes on your eyelid instead. Then connect the dots to form the entire line once you have enough. To create thinner lines towards the end, use smaller dots or dashes.
  • To prevent gaps in the first place, begin extending the line closer to your eyelashes. 
  • Make sure there are no issues left that need to be fixed because filling in the gaps could lead to thicker lines.
  • For the best result, use liquid eyeliner that won’t smudge.


Final Thoughts

You must be aware of your eye shape and select a technique that complements it in order to find the ideal appearance for you. Find the item that will finish off your appearance by going above and beyond. Checking the ingredients is essential as well, choose vegan and cruelty-free products. Make sure you are not sensitive to the products or components you use for applying eyeliner in order to wear your eye makeup without risk. Improve your appearance with high-quality, simple-to-use products, and never put your health at risk for beauty. 

Remember, nothing gives you more self-assurance than the flawless eyeliner look that finishes off your makeup.

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