UK West College Scotland Diploma
Bridal Makeup & Hair Styling

The Diploma course in Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling is designed for those who wish to build a career exclusively as a bridal makeup artist. The wedding day is without any doubt the most important day of an individual’s life. This course has been crafted to teach students about the intricacies of bridal makeup and the tricks and techniques that can be used to further enhance the beauty of a bride. Beginning with the understanding of the very basics of bridal makeup and proceeding towards the comprehension of the most advanced bridal makeup and hair styles, this course aims at covering every detail of the do’s and don’ts of bridal makeup.

The course is designed to take a comprehensive approach towards a bride’s hair and makeup the two most important things that contribute to a bride’s look. Taught by experienced and skilled makeup artists and hair stylists.

Bridal Makeup 1

What Does the Course Offered?

In addition to understanding the rudiments of bridal make-up, the course’s uniquely-designed to teach the various factors that contribute to the overall look of a bride.

The course is widely divided into two segments:

Bridal Makeup:
This segment, as is evident by the name, focuses on the techniques that make a bride’s make-up stand out. From the shape of the face to the skin type, a number of factors are to be taken into consideration while decorating a bride. The Bridal Make-up segment of the course teaches the students:

  • Make-up artist hygiene and safety
  • Skin preparation
  • Foundation Selection (according to the skin tone) and application
  • Corrective and camouflage techniques (proper blending of foundation)
  • Sculpting and shading
  • Creating clowing skin
  • Powders (choosing the right face powder and its application)
  • Eye brow shaping
  • Eye shadows in powders
  • Natural beauty makeup (to make the bride look natural)
  • Creative bridal makeup
  • Smokey eyes
  • Pencil / liquid liner (selection and application)
  • Mascaras (selection and application)
  • False lash application
  • Blusher in powder
  • Lipsticks and Lip Gloss (selection and application)

The second segment of the course focuses on the hair of the bride which must be in sync with the make-up so as to bring a natural glow in the overall personality of the bride. This segment will take a comprehensive approach on hair styling by introducing to the students:

  • Hair products selection (understand the composition and use of each hair product and thereby learn the techniques which enable you to choose the right hair product for your style of choice.)
  • Tools and equipment (You will find out what tools are needed in a session stylist kit. The students will have their own kits to get a good understanding of the tools.)
  • Sectioning (Learn how to section the hair, keeping it neat and tidy before beginning your desired style)
  • Blow drying (Learning the techniques to add volume and texture to the hair)
  • Creating curls with hot tools
  • Bridal hair up (Learn how to create stunning styles for brides. Learning the correct technique for securing the hair with pins)
  • Using hair ornaments (Learn how to apply hair pieces, flowers, and ornamentation. You will also be taught how to add veils into a look and how to dress it afterwards in order to enhance the hair do)

Course Summary


  • Full Time : 6 months
  • Part Time : 12 months


  • √ UK West College Scotland Diploma Certificate
  • √ i Style Academy Certificate


  • February, April, June,
  • August, October, December