UK West College Scotland Diploma
Advanced Makeup & Hair Styling

The best thing is to look natural but it takes makeup to look natural.

This diploma Course is offered by the i Style Academy in association with the West College Scotland that takes a comprehensive approach towards teaching the do’s and don’ts of makeup and hair styling. 

The Course has been designed for people who wish to learn the intricacies of makeup industry.  The course is perfect for both amateurs and junior only for people over the age of 15 years. 

What Does the Course Offered?

This course is aimed at proffering an extensive teaching of the makeup and hair dimension. Here are a few highlights that make the course a fine choice.

A Comprehensive Approach:
Beginning from the very basics of makeup, colour, and hair theories to the very depths of camera, television, and special effects making, the course is designed to teach you everything you need in the career path. In addition to this, once the students have mastered the basics, they will be taken forward to the techniques of body art and body painting. Hair Styling takes a comprehensive approach too as the students learn basics of fashion, retro, and stage hair styling along with makeup and styling techniques for all kinds of shooting. This qualifies the students to work for multiple, wide-ranging industries upon graduating. 

Opportunity to Learn from Experienced Faculty:
The i Style faculty is a team of professional artists who come from distinguished backgrounds of TV, Film, Movie, Media, theatre, Stage and Bridal as well as Fashion. Each faculty member has something specialized to offer and bring with them the most advanced styles and techniques. this gives students an opportunity to learn and work with professional ethics and grow with each challenge. 

What Do The Students Learned from this Course?

In addition to learning the elementary essentials of makeup and hair styling, the students will be able to

Work in The Field:
The course had been designed to not only teach the students but also provide them opportunities to showcase their talent that they have honed throughout the course. Every student will have the opportunity to witness professional makeup artist and hair stylists working in the field. Students will also have the opportunity to work under these artists in the field. 

Build a Portfolio:
Each field-work that students experience will enable them to add to their portfolio and take the first step towards being a professional makeup artist. In addition to the course certificates, students may gain additional certificates from some of the field activities. This means that students, upon graduating from the course, will not only be trained but experienced as well. 

Course Summary


  • Full Time : 12 months
  • Part Time : 24 months


  • √ UK West College Scotland Diploma Certificate
  • √ i Style Academy Certificate


  • February, April, June,
  • August, October, December