6 Common Makeup Mistakes You Must Avoid

When it comes to cosmetics, everyone aspires to have a flawless and flashy appearance with a glass-like shine. Right? We all enjoy experimenting with different makeup looks and techniques. Foundation, compact powder, concealer, eyeliner, lip tints, or mascara are the main components of a daily makeup routine. The way we wear it on our faces, though, is the most essential point.

Everyone has a distinct skin type, so we need to choose our cosmetic products carefully. Because of this, we must be extremely specific about the items we use.

However, a lot of girls make makeup mistakes such as picking the wrong cosmetics for their skin tone and a lot of other blunders that should be avoided at all costs to prevent having an odd and unflattering appearance.

There are many guides that explain how to apply makeup, however, there are a few that actually explains how to do it right or what should be avoided.

So, in this post, we’ve accepted the responsibility of bringing out common makeup mistakes to avoid in order to get a flawless look.

1. Not Prepping Your Skin Before Makeup

We all experience times of urgency, and we have a tendency to believe that the quickest solution is the best. But it’s essential to prep your face before wearing makeup (probably the most significant one). Before using foundation, clean out your skin, even out your complexion, and use creams or primers to make the makeup stick longer.

The use of lip balm, eye cream, primer and moisturizer are some examples of preparation. A primer can make pores look smaller, make your skin tone more even, and preserve your makeup looking good all day. Since it hydrates your face and frequently has vitamins and SPF to shield it from sunburns, moisturizers are healthy for your skin. Lip balms and eye creams prepare the skin by moisturizing these spots and creating a surface. 

2. Using the Wrong Foundation Shade

Every girl must have made a foundation mismatch error once in her life. It’s one of the most common beginner makeup mistakes. So, while purchasing a foundation, don’t try it on your hands. Because your hands may be lighter or darker than your face, a good tip would be to apply foundation just above your jaw to discover the correct match. Because of the lighting in stores, foundations can appear differently. Thus, the best thing to do is to bring a sample home and check it out before purchasing. Alternatively, you may always put a little on and test it out in the sunlight. 

You might also have foundation oxidation. The foundation becomes darker than it was originally due to the air. Put a little foundation on the back of the hand to prevent this, wait a few minutes, and then apply more foundation directly next to it to notice the difference. Your foundation does not oxidize if the two shades are the same, but it does oxidize if one tone is darker than the other one. Purchase a lighter color to address this problem. 

3. Prevent Contouring Tragedies

Every face shape is unique thus, each will need shading in particular places. Instead of mindlessly following your favorite YouTuber, try learning what complements your facial shape. Usually, women use the incorrect shade of bronzer or contour. Our undertones can be cool, warm, or neutral.

If you see yellow when you look in the mirror, you have a warm undertone. If you see pink when you look in the mirror, you have a cool undertone. If you don’t notice any of the colors on your skin, you definitely have a neutral undertone. Decide what best enhances your undertone. A contour powder or cream should always be at least 2 shades darker than your complexion. Luckily, if you have a darker complexion, you can get away with using shimmer bronzers and still look stunning.

4. Using Too Much Eyeshadow & Liner on Wrong Spots

Depending on how you apply eyeliner and eyeshade, you can achieve a completely different look. Remember to prepare your lids before applying your shade, so that it will last longer and have more pigment. Apply your eyeshadow gently, then buff it out. You can do the lighter shade inside and the darker shade outside. To make your eyes appear brighter, you can also emphasize the inner corners of your eyelids.

Sometimes using less eyeliner is better while applying it. Avoid making your wing overly thick or lengthy because this will make your eyes appear droopy. It’s one of the major winged eyeliner mistakes that many girls make. The eye will be lifted by a wing that is thinner and much sharper. then, begin applying mascara on your lashes to curl them.

5. Excessive Lip Lining

Lip lining is the simplest method for making your lips appear plump, but it’s also the simplest method for completely screwing things up. You could believe that is not reversible once the improper lip liner is on the foundation. But it is! Find a lipstick that complements your natural lip color, then gradually put lip liner into it. By doing so, you can either totally remove your lip liner or only leave behind the appropriate quantity.

You can also use cotton to apply makeup remover, rub on the lip liner to eliminate any excess, and then use a beauty sponge to dab foundation onto your lips. use your favorite shade of lipstick to tint your lips and it’s done.

6. Overdrawing Your Eyebrows

We can even offer a full course for just brows. They frame your eyes, which are the focal point of your face, and may create or break a look. It’s really simple to overdo it while using an eyebrow pencil. But remembering that your eyebrows must appear as natural as possible can make it easier for you to know when to stop using the pencil.

Additionally, we do not advise creating an outline for your brows and then filling it. It appears unusual. But if that’s your preferred way, don’t forget to complete it by filling the outline and then, softening the angular strokes with a brush before leaving the house.

Bottom Line

The worst makeup mistake out of all may be choosing to go makeup-free. Makeup must be fun and empowering. It doesn’t matter if you violate one or more of the aforementioned rules. It’s just makeup, really no big deal. You can always just wash it off and begin over.

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